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What is public relations?

Public relations is a strategic communication process companies, individuals, and organisations use to build mutually beneficial relationships with the public.

Before you invest your resources in public relations services, it’s imperative that you have a rough idea of what PR is all about. It’s the process of creating and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships between a brand and its publics. The term publics here refers to the media, key stakeholders, social media influencers, and, most importantly, your customers.

Contrary to what most people believe, public relations is not all about getting good press. It’s a strategy that ensures you have more control of your brand story and your business maintains a positive image.

There are plenty of benefits your brand can get from engaging in public relations. Your business will enjoy more brand awareness. It’s also a marketing strategy that ensures your message reaches your clients at the right time and place.

Partnering with a reputable public relations agency such as MassCitizen guarantees highly effective campaigns. Our agency isn’t only skilled in public relations, but we have a close connection with award-winning journalists, bloggers, and influencers in Canada. We can utilize these connections to get your brand name out there and increase leads.

Public relations strategy

The success of a PR campaign heavily depends on the formulated strategy. MassCitizen engages in thorough audience research so that we can know which campaign will be more effective. Our strategy also uses data and analysis to create compelling content. We will evaluate your competition and create a PR campaign that stands out and meets your objectives.

Media Relations

As a business owner, we understand that you may not have time to maintain media relations. But when you partner with us, we can use our vast network of journalists to ensure the media has a positive reputation for your brand. The media plays a crucial role in how the community perceives you. It’s, therefore, vital to have them on your side.

Press Launches

Do you plan on launching a new product, service, or brand? Press launches can provide you with sufficient coverage to reach many potential clients. When you choose us as your public relations firm, we will invite journalists from reputable media houses who will publicize the launch to thousands of people.

Press Junkets

Not to be confused with press launches, a junket is more of a promotional event for films. After consultation, MassCitizen can determine if your business can benefit from a press junket. If so, we will schedule it and invite members of the fourth estate to give your event adequate coverage. This can really help with your brand awareness.

Publicity Stunts

Modes of marketing have significantly changed in the past few decades. This is why publicity stunts have become so popular. These are unusual events that attract the attention of the public. MassCitizen, using our public relations skills, we can choreograph a well-orchestrated publicity stunt that will get your brand the attention it deserves without affecting its perception.

Product Placement

This is a form of marketing where a product is placed in a movie or film to reach a bigger audience. MassCitizen can develop a unique and effective product placement campaign that won’t stretch your budget. Many brands in Canada have leveraged this marketing technique, and so can your business.

Crisis Communication and Management

No matter how professional or efficient you run your business, it’s impossible to avoid a crisis. Some examples of a crisis your business may face include product sabotage or cyber insecurity. During such a trying moment, our public relations team can swiftly disseminate information to address the crisis. We can also help manage the situation and uphold your reputation.

Corporate Communication

As your public relations agency, MassCitizen can also handle your corporate communication. We can create and share content for both internal and external audiences. This includes investors, potential clients, and management. Through our corporate communication solutions, your business can create a favorable working environment for all publics.

Why choose MassCitizen as your public relations company?

Access to an Expansive Network of PR Contacts

MassCitizen has contacts with several journalists, bloggers, and media personnel in various outlets and cities in Canada. We can leverage these connections in your PR campaigns and media relation strategies. Through the same connections, you will have a better opportunity to tell your story to the right audience.

Quality and Creative Content

Public relations is all about content. MassCitizen is home to skilled copywriters and content creators who can develop compelling posts for your brand. As important as having good media relations is, the content created needs to be above standard.

A Wide Range of Public Relations Solutions

MassCitizen offers all PR services under one roof. Whether you need a PR strategy or crisis communication, all you have to do is get in touch. We will schedule a consultation to learn more about your goals and objectives.

24/7 Availability

Our public relations experts are always there whenever you need them. It doesn’t matter whether you have a crisis or are planning a press release. We will answer your call or text at any time of the day.

We Serve Businesses in All Niches

Thanks to our many years of experience, MassCitizen can offer public relations solutions to businesses in all niches. Whether you are in the legal practice or finance, you can contact us for customized PR services.

Transparent Pricing and Service Delivery

You won’t incur any hidden or surprise costs when you choose us. Also, we follow a strict code of ethics when offering public relations solutions. Due to this approach, we can maintain strong relationships with our media contacts and clients.